The Buddy Koopmans Orchestra


     Roger (Buddy) Koopmans of Faribault, Minnesota started the band in 1948 when he was still in high school. This was the era when Swing Dances were a favorite social activity and Big Bands had "groupies" that followed them to ballrooms all over the era when many musicians could actually make a living (at least in part) playing.


     Buddy Koopmans band played regularly for almost 60 years until age caught up with some of the key members. I had played in the band from 1963 (I was 13 years old) so when Buddy asked recently, if I wanted to take it over, I said YES. My experience playing in Big Bands in Minneapolis made it clear that there is a new generation of fans that love this music and love to swing dance. There are also good musicians that love to play this classic music so I have been able to put together a great band.


     If you want to make an occasion very special, consider having 16 live musicians take you back to a simpler time with classic Big Band swing music.


- Gary Anderson




Photography by Patsy Dew